Einstein’s Secret To Fat Loss

I'm not sure if Einstein ever talked directly about fat loss.

But we all know about Einstein's famous formula, E=mc2.

Though Einstein intended for this groundbreaking formula to apply to nuclear reactions in physics, his famous formula also applies to weight loss and losing man boobs.

What this formula means is Energy = mass x (speed of light squared).

At 300,000,000 (3 hundred MILLION) meters per SECOND, light is the fastest thing we know of in the Universe.

Now, this formula uses speed of light SQUARED, which is an unthinkable number.

Speed of light squared means 300,000,000 x 300,000,000 which gives 90,000,000,000,000,000 – is that 90 gazillion? I don’t even know. What matters is it’s a phenominally HUUUGE number.

So what Einstein’s formula is basically saying, is that if energy = mass x (that phenominally HUUUGE number), then a tiny amount of mass gives a HUUUUGE amount of energy.

How Is This Important In Weight Loss?

Because when trying to lose weight, we’re trying to change fat mass into energy.

And as per Einstein’s formula, you’ll need to do a phenominally HUUUGE amount of exercise to lose the tiniest amount of fat mass.

We know in biology that one pound of body fat gives 3,500 calories.

Do you know how much work it takes to lose just 600 calories? – a full HOUR of running HARD on a treadmill.

So it really is a hopeless game to try and lose weight through exercise on a calorie for calorie basis.

Here's What You Should Focus Your Exercise On

The goal of exercise should be to REPROGRAM your body, NOT to burn calories.

In conventional wisdom we are told that we have to do steady state cardio to help burn more calories than we consume. Einstein’s famous formula is proof that this approach cannot possibly work.

What DOES work, is exercise that REPROGRAMS your body through changes in your hormones.

Hormones are chemical messengers that program your body.

Studies show that certain types of exercise, namely high intensity exercise done the right way, boost hormones like testosterone and growth hormone, which signal your body to store less fat.

When you do fast sprints for example, it gives your body the signal that it needs to store more energy from your food in your muscles, rather than for storage in your belly or man boobs.

Fight Einstein's Formula With Something Else Just As Powerful

Einstein’s formula works against us, it’s like the BAD GUY in our weight loss story. But don’t worry, there’s good news – there’s a GOOD GUY too.

The good guy is our metabolism. See, speed of light squared may be an unthinkably_large number, but the human body is also unthinkably complex. There are countless different processes going on in your body just to keep you alive. These processes use up enough energy to be able to put up a fight against Einstein’s E=mc2.

From all the complex processes that go on in your body, the average adult male uses up around 1,800 kilocalories of energy a day, just by existing. That’s called your basic metabolic rate (BMR).

So what we need to do, is through exercise, we need to program our body to store less fat and put that energy from what we eat into our muscles. And we let our metabolism deal with the fat that’s already stored on our body.

Here’s a visual representation of this:

Stop trying to burn fat with exercise, that's not a game you can win. Instead, sort out your diet, use (the right type of) exercise to PROGRAM your body to want to convert energy from food into MUSCLE. And let your metabolism handle the excess fat that's already there.

As an added bonus, this style of training has also been shown to BOOST the body’s metabolism, keeping it elevated for several hours, up to an entire day!

Another way to look at this is you can…

Turn Einstein's Formula To Your Benefit

As I've explained, it's pointless trying to convert mass into energy with long distance cardio, since a tiny droplet of mass can create boundless amounts of energy, simply because E=mc2.

But you have a much better chance when you focus on converting one type of mass into another type of mass.

We all put one type of mass – food – into our bodies, and that food turns into boundless amounts of energy through E=mc2. Much of that energy gets used up by our metabolism, and if we're not doing things right, a lot of it gets converted to fat.

The reason it's not easy for kids to get fat, is because they are growing. Growth means new types of non-fat mass is being built all throughout the body. Mass (food) is being converted to another type of mass that isn't fat mass.

The trouble with us fully grown adults is we are no longer growing so the only real mass to mass conversion happening in most people is food mass being converted to fat mass.

But there IS another type of mass we can optionally create in the adult body, and that's muscle mass.

If we train in a way that stimulates muscle growth, that's food mass being converted to muscle mass. That's a mass to mass conversion, which gives us a much better chance at success.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to build bigger and bigger muscles until you're a huge bodybuilding freak. Feel free to build as much muscle as you feel makes you look great, then focus on maintaining that amount of muscle mass, and improving the performance of that muscle.

See, muscle is constantly being broken down and rebuilt; muscle is very metabolically active; better performing muscle is more metabolically active then poorer performing muscle of the same size.

So rather than waste time, energy, and effort at trying to burn off fat with cardio, focus on building some muscle and improving the performance of that muscle.

The 2 Types Of Exercise That Do This Best

You can achieve what I've described with resistance training and HIIT.

Of the two, when it comes to weight loss, HIIT comes out on top (though it's best to do both).

Once you start doing frequent bursts of high intensity training that instructs your body to store energy in your muscles rather than in your belly and man boobs, you’ll be surprised how quickly your body can transform.

If you’d like a detailed outline on how to do these short sprint bursts that both funnel energy into your muscles, and boost fat burning hormones like testosterone (which is known to shrink man boobs), then pick up a copy of my program, Paleolithic High Intensity Interval Training, here.

There are also powerful dietary changes you can make that, rather than focus on the hopeless pursuit of consuming fewer calories, instead work by reprogramming your body to store less fat and even to KILL fat cells.

A powerful example is turmeric. Studies have shown that curcumin from turmeric kills fat cells by cutting off blood supply specifically to fat cells, and directly killing them by inducing fat cell apoptosis, where fat cells burst from inside.

That’s why I recommend all of my clients to both include turmeric in their diet daily, and to also take a good turmeric supplement.

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