How To Vacuum The Fat Off

I just finished vacuuming the house.

Just 20 minutes before that, I was standing barefoot with the fridge door open, thinking whether I should go for the grass-fed Jersey double cream, a boiled egg, or an almond cookie.

But then I told myself, “heck, I just had a gourmet breakfast a couple hours ago, I don't NEED any food”.

I noticed there were some crumbs under my feet, and the house hadn't been vacuumed for a good few days.

So instead of eating, I decided to pick up the vacuum and do the useful, physical chore of vacuuming the house instead.

Chores are things that need to be done. No-one likes to do them, but they are essential for the maintenance of your household.

You may burn some calories by doing a physical chore like vacuuming the house, but the act of vacuuming the house, even if you live in a huge mansion with 60 rooms, will do zilch to help you lose weight.

My big brother's wife is a fat girl. She won't let my brother touch the vacuum because vacuuming is the only exercise she gets. She vacuums every other day, and well… she's still a fat girl.

But Here's How Chores Like Vacuuming Can Help You Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, one of my biggest vices has always been EATING during breaks, and eating whenever I have a bit of idle time.

I eat to pass time, I eat to feel happy, I eat for pleasure, I eat for the sake of eating.

I've always been fattest when I was stressed out–because I would eat to make myself feel better.

I was also fattest when I had no direction in life–because I had nothing to do and I would eat to fill the time.

Now I have discovered something else that… may not feel as good as stuffing myself with food, but it does fill the time, it does improve my life, and it stops me from eating so much… chores.

Vacuuming the house may not be the kind of exercise that helps you lose weight or lose man boobs, but it can go a long way in helping you to lose weight if all it does is stop you from eating all the time.

I'm a busy guy now, I have direction in life, but despite that, any time I take a break from my work, I find myself raiding the fridge.

So what I do now is I make a list of things I need to do.

These aren't just chores, they're a “To Do” list. A lot of these things don't actually need to get done, life would go on if I never did them, but life would be a tad better if I did them.

Examples of things in my “To Do” list are:

  • Vacuum the house
  • Hand-wash my new t-shirt
  • Buy some rechargeable batteries
  • Buy some erhythritol
  • Buy a whole bunch of other things on my shopping list
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Tidy the house
  • Service my car
  • Repair the suspension in my car
  • Wash and vacuum my car
  • Make natural all-purpose cleaner
  • Make burger patties

….and a whole bunch of other random stuff you probably have no interest in knowing about.

Once you've done your chore, if you still want to eat, then eat. When I finished vacuuming just now, I had no desire whatsoever to eat anything. More often than not you'll find the same is true for you.

By choosing to do a chore in my idle-time, not only am I avoiding overeating, I'm also getting stuff done, and getting stuff done is really improving my life!

You know how there are those people who seem to have everything handled? They're always on top of everything, they always know what they're doing, their lives seem to run so much smoother than yours? Well, this is one way of becoming like that.

Work hard in whatever you do for a living, take frequent breaks, and during those breaks, instead of eating, take care of something on your “To Do” list.

Here's How To Get Started

Open a file on your phone or computer, name it your “To Do” file, and start writing down everything you need “To Do” whenever the idea comes to you.

You'll find that no matter how many items on your list you cross off, the list just keeps growing, and you can never get through it all.

You can either NOT write that list and keep putting off all those things you need to do, while getting fat from all the extra food you eat during your idle time, or you can write down that ever-growing list and use your idle-time to keep on top of it, making your life run like a smooth-oiled machine.

You'll not only be leaner for it, but everything else in your life will be better too.

Oh, and one thing I mentioned in today's post that might have you a little baffled, is…

Why Wouldn't Vacuuming A 60-Room Mansion Every Day Help You Lose Weight?

Well, sure, you'd burn some calories, you'll really start to sweat it out after the first few rooms, but this kind of exercise falls under aerobic training, where you go at a moderate pace for a long period of time.

Studies show that aerobic training is ineffective for weight loss.

With aerobic training, you lose some weight at first, then you get stuck at a never-ending plateau, where no matter how much you train, the fat no longer comes off, to the point where you give up and gain all the fat you lost back and more.

Aerobic training is even worse for losing man boobs, because it decreases your testosterone levels.

So by all means, vacuum, clean the house, move, take the stairs, get your body moving, it's good for your health, and doing chores instead of eating will help you lose weight. But if you want to train in a way that directly sheds body fat and man boobs PERMANENTLY, you've got to shock your system with some good old HIGH INTENSITY training like Paleolithic HIIT:

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Oh, and another thing this method comes in really handy with, is intermittent fasting. Any time you get hungry during an intermittent fast, do a chore, especially a physically demanding one.

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