Losing Man Boobs Will Be “Duck Soup” When You Do This

When it comes to losing man boobs, do you want to focus on short-term results that only take you so far, or do you want…

…long-term results that make your man boobs completely disappear and keep you looking great for the rest of your life?

See, come summertime, as soon as the sun starts shining, too many guys are in a hurry to start losingweight and getting rid of their man boobs.

They hit the gym, go to the park, and start doing a whole bunch of cardio. They start counting calories and saying “no” to all food on the dinner table.

But little do people know, that by using these methods, they are setting themselves up for failure.

Sure, you may get some great results in the short-run, but before you come anywhere NEAR to losing your man boobs, your body starts to rebel and it becomes impossible to shrink those man boobs any further.

So what gives?

What's wrong with this approach?

See, losing man boobs and getting in shape is about fixing PROBLEMS in your body–the problems that caused your body to grow man boobs and get out of shape in the first place.

The trouble with the conventional weightloss approach is it makes these problems WORSE.

You may lose some fat at first by burning more calories than you consume, but those problems in your body that caused you to get fat and grow man boobs in the first place, are made WORSE by these methods.

If, on the other hand, you take the LONG-TERM approach of FIXING these problems, you may not see those FAST results at first, like you do with the SHORT-TERM approach…

…but when you DO see results, you see MASSIVE results that shrink your man boobs right the way down, and give you that lean, manly body you know you were meant to have.

In fact, by fixing these problems, you can train your body to get better at burning fat, better at growing muscle, and better at shrinking man boobs over time.

When you use this approach, you set yourself on a surefire path to finally getting rid of those man boobs and that gut COMPLETELY, so you…

…no longer have to worry about the way you look, and you've…

…got that awesome body you feel proud to show off at the beach come summer.

Imagine yourself…

…walking down the beach topless, no longer worried who might be sniggering about your man boobs…

…wearing t-shirts in the summer, so you can feel comfortable in the sun, no longer having to sweat it out in a jacket to try and hide your man boobs…

…proudly taking your top off in front of your wife/girlfriend, no longer having to hide behind the wardrobe door.

This can all be real once you take the long-term approach of fixing the problems in your body that lead to you having man boobs in the first place.

Here's a HUGE problem you must fix to lose your man boobs

One of the problems you need to fix in your body is chronic inflammation, because…

  • Inflammation stops you from losing man boobs by reducing testosterone and boosting estrogen.
  • Inflammation stops you from losing body fat by increasing insulin resistance.
  • Inflammation stops you from growing muscle by reducing anabolic hormones like IGF-1, and increasing levels of catabolic cytokines like TNF-α.
  • Inflammation interferes with brain function, by reducing motivation to work out or eat healthy.

You'll be shocked at what happens to your body when you reduce inflammation…

…when you reduce inflammation, you'll find it suddenly gets easier to do everything you want your body to do –

  • it gets easier to burn fat,
  • it gets easier to grow muscle, and best of all,
  • it gets easier to get rid of man boobs.

You'll be shocked at how fast the fat melts off your chest once you've cut down on inflammation.

One reason conventional weightloss methods don't work, is because they try to FORCE the fat off with a calorie deficit, while INCREASING inflammation.

Spending an hour a day on a treadmill, eating low fat, and starving yourself, are all known to INCREASE inflammation in your body.

That's why with these methods you often find your BELLY shrinking, but your man boobs stay the same.

The key to losing man boobs is to use methods that DECREASE inflammation.

The catch with these methods, and one reason why most people are reluctant to use these methods, is because you don't see super-fast results AT FIRST.

If you want to see your body shrink super fast in the next couple weeks, then sure, starve yourself and go for a daily 1-2 hour run.

But that'll mess your body up by increasing inflammation, and you'll only ever get so far before your body fights back and holds onto all the fat it can and holds onto those man boobs, because your levels of inflammation are sky high.

But when you use the natural method I'm about to tell you about today, your inflammation levels will go down over time, and it will get easier and easier over time to lose MORE fat, and to shrink those man boobs right down, all the way, flat.

A powerful way to hack away at inflammation

One powerful method you can use to reduce chronic inflammation is high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Studies show that HIIT is so powerful at reducing inflammation in your body, that doing HIIT significantly reduces pain in people with inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

In one study, women with rheumatoid arthritis reported a 38% reduction in pain after 10 weeks of doing HIIT on a stationary bicycle.

These are women with pain mostly in their hands, and they exercised their LEGS, not their hands, and yet the pain in their hands went down because of a whole-body reduction in inflammation.

In the same way, when you do HIIT, you'll be exercising mostly your legs, but the resulting reduction in whole-body inflammation will do wonders for your man boobs.

Now that spring is on the way and the sun is finally starting to shine, I'm gona start heading to the park and doing my outdoor HIIT sprints.

I highly recommend you do RUNNING sprints for your HIIT workouts, but you'll also get great results using any whole-body cardiovascular exercise, like cycling, swimming, rowing, cross-training, and more.

You'll find more information on how to use HIIT to lose man boobs in my program, Paleolithic HIIT, here:


Don't expect immediate results with HIIT.

Just focus on getting better at HIIT.

As you start getting better at HIIT, your body will get better at reducing inflammation.

With HIIT, I find there's a tipping point, where after you reach a certain level, your body suddenly starts to shed ALL that extra fat, and you see those man boobs shrink away amazingly fast.

Oh, and one bonus way to help seriously plummet those inflammation levels with almost ZERO effort, is to to take a good turmeric supplement.

If reducing inflammation is your goal (because you want to lose man boobs), then taking a turmeric supplement is a no-brainer.

The studies suggest that turmeric reduces inflammation more than HIIT does.

That's not to say turmeric is better than HIIT, each method has multiple unique benefits on your body, and you should definitely use both HIIT and turmeric to get rid of man boobs and optimize your health.

Be careful which turmeric supplement you choose though, they're not all the same.

If you try one turmeric supplement and it doesn't work, don't give up on turmeric, try another brand.

Here's one brand that I've found delivers consistently better results for my clients with man boobs than any other:


Or just search “Hewis turmeric” on Amazon.com.

So don't wait. Get started on your HIIT training, pop those turmeric pills, and watch those man boobs shrink away.

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