Ditch the treadmill

This winter was particularly bad for me.

It was too damn cold for me to want to train outside.

So I spent most of the winter doing my HIIT and bodyweight training at my local gym.

But the weather's been great these past few days, and Tuesday just gone I went to my local park to do my HIIT and bodyweight training.

And man, I tell ya, the difference was like night and day.

Running on a treadmill indoors was boring as hell.

Sure, doing short sprint bursts makes it more fun, but you're still indoors and your body isn't actually GOING anywhere.

Last Tuesday, when I ran outdoors for the first time in ages, I felt like I wanted to go on running forever!

And I would have if I could, but I did one lap around the track and I was tired as hell.

See, the treadmill isn't very good at preparing you for REAL running on the ground.

When running, the greatest muscular force applied is when your foot lands on the floor and moves backwards while propelling your body forward.

On a treadmill, a lot of this work is done FOR you, by the backward movement of the treadmill's belt.

You merely place your foot on the belt and the belt moves your foot backwards.

So running outdoors is better for you in two ways:

  1. You do more work, you burn more energy, and if doing HIIT, you get bigger leg muscles and a bigger testosterone boost.
  2. It's more fun, you can run longer and harder when you see and feel your body actually moving forwards.

There are all the other benefits too, of being outdoors in the sun – the vitamin D, the mood enhancement, sunlight nourishing your eyes, the fresh air, exposure to nature, etc.

My next training session is tomorrow morning, and I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

Compare this to when I was training in the gym all winter – I used to DREAD my workouts.

So hit the park, get outdoors, and start sprinting.

More on how to SPRINT to lose man boobs here:


If the man boobs stop you from training outdoors because you're afraid of what people might think of the strange shapes sticking out through your t-shirt, then get yourself a good compression shirt.

I used to be against compression shirts in the past, because a lot of guys get lazy when they can look good with a compression shirt on, hidden underneath their clothes.

But with the right attitude, a compression shirt can seriously help you to lose your man boobs.

For one, wearing a compression shirt will give you the confidence to train outdoors, and outdoor training is way better than indoor training.

Outdoor training is more fun, and you're more motivated to do it than you are to do INDOOR training.

Imagine, losing your man boobs while training in the summer sun, never having to put up with “beginner's embarrassment”, where you're still fat and your man boobs are jumping up and down with each stride.

With the right compression shirt, you can look like an athlete while training like an athlete.

The thing about compression shirts though, is there's no such thing as a shirt that's super good at compression and super comfortable to wear.

The more compression there is, the more uncomfortable it will feel.

I've tried every compression shirt on the market, both online and offline, and almost every single shirt I've tried is either too tight or not tight enough.

A highly compressive shirt may make you LOOK good, but they're impossible to train in, and the lack of comfort makes you not want to ever wear them.

Thankfully, I've recently come across this one compression shirt that gets it just right.

It's by a little-known company called Malx.

Their shirt gives enough compression to hold your man boobs in, yet is breathable and comfortable enough to let you work out without holding you back.

It also has this cool moisture-wicking technology that makes sweat evaporate off your body really fast.

You can get it here:


Or search “Malx” on Amazon.

A word of advice: get yourself some different sizes.

If you're normally a large, get yourself a large first and see how it fits.

If it's real tight, then use this one for those special occasions where you want to look extra lean.

Then get yourself a few extra-large ones for your workouts, and for everyday use.

If the large is not super tight, then get a few more large for your workouts and everyday use, and get at least one medium for those special occasions to keep you looking extra tight.

So grab yourself a Malx compression shirt, start training outdoors, and let me know how you get on in the comments section below.

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