Plastics Are Shrinking WHAT?

I recently read an article titled “Plastics are shrinking penises”.

You can check it out here:

Associate Professor Andrew Pask, who is researching male reproduction at Melbourne University in Australia, claims that penis length is being shortened by chemicals that mimic the female hormone estrogen.

Remember that estrogen is also one of the main hormones that causes men to grow man boobs. So the chemicals that are causing men's penises to shrink, are the same chemicals that cause men to grow man boobs.

And it's not just penis size and man boobs.

According to Professor Peter Sly from the University of Queensland, there is strong evidence that exposure to these chemicals is reducing sperm count and quality in men.

According to Pask, the damage intensifies over subsequent generations, being particularly bad by the third generation. Dr Pask's colleague, Dr Mark Green, states that humans have been exposed to these chemicals since the 1950's, so it's been about two generations.

The third generation could be YOUR children.

I'm not an expert on penis size, so if this is a problem for you, I don't know if it can be fixed (like man boobs, this field is full of lies and deceit online, so careful what you read).

But what I do know is that by avoiding exposure to chemicals, and using methods to OPPOSE the actions of these chemicals, you CAN lose your man boobs and improve your sperm count and quality, and boost your fertility and your health.

I also know that by reversing the effects of chemicals on yourself, you'll also benefit your children.

If you don't have children yet, know that what's most important for your future child is the state of your genes and the state of your hormones AT THE TIME OF CONCEPTION.

If you are fat with man boobs when you conceive your future child, your child will inherit some shitty genes and will inherit the effects of these chemicals.

So if you plan on having kids, and you want to give your kids the best possible genes and the best start in life, then hold off on having kids for a short while. Lose your man boobs first, reduce your exposure to these chemicals, get lean, improve your hormonal and genetic profile, THEN go have your kids.

If you've got kids already, it's not too late.

I've seen a lot of fat kids with fat parents, and looking at those poor fat kids I always know they don't stand a chance.

If you as a parent can't lose your man boobs and get in shape yourself, how on earth are you going to help your child do the same?

Lose your OWN man boobs, get in shape YOURSELF, learn the process, then you'll stand a chance to help your kids do the same.

I take every chance I can to remind you that in the modern day, we are SURROUNDED by chemicals. And since the government hasn't yet acknowledged the fact that chemicals are a problem, our exposure to chemicals will only increase over the next couple of decades.

How To Avoid Chemicals To Lose Your Man Boobs And Save Your Future Kids From Suffering The Same

Avoid junk food, avoid processed food, stick to natural whole-foods with one ingredient. A candy bar is likely to contain more than a dozen ingredients, several of which are likely to be chemicals. Broccoli on the other hand, is just one ingredient. Chicken is one ingredient.

Try to stick to single-ingredient foods, and if there's more than one ingredient, get used to reading the ingredients list and making sure there are no chemicals.

Buy only organic produce to avoid chemicals from pesticides, fertilizer, antibiotics, and hormones injected into animals.

Avoid using plastic food containers. “BPA free” is not enough, stick to glass, ceramic, and stainless steel.

Drink filtered or distilled water to make sure there are no estrogens in your water.

Roll up your car windows when you're driving in the city, to avoid inhaling vehicle exhaust fumes.

Use only all-natural cosmetics and deodorants (because estrogenic chemicals can be absorbed through your skin and into your blood).

But Avoiding Chemicals Is Not Enough

It's crucial that you do everything in your power to avoid exposure to chemicals. But this alone is not enough, chemicals are so ubiquitous in the environment, you'll never avoid them all, which is why I recommend something like a good progesterone cream to help counteract the effects of these chemicals.

Progesterone is nature's most perfect estrogen antagonist, meaning it works AGAINST estrogens of all forms–both the natural estrogens in your body and the artificial xenoestrogens that come from chemicals.

You can learn more about how progesterone can help you combat chemicals and lose man boobs here:

You can learn about the most effective progesterone cream for men here:

Please don't JUST use progesterone and do nothing else.

Progesterone can help undo a lot of the effects of these chemicals, but you'll get far better more visible results in your body if you both AVOID chemical exposure AND use progesterone at the same time.

You can learn more about how to avoid chemicals in your road to losing man boobs, in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:

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