Raf’s Big Man Boob Disaster

And How It Helped Him To Finally Lose His Man Boobs Once And For All

I caught up with my old trainee, Raf yesterday.

I remember when he told me his story of the one thing that triggered him to finally do whatever it takes to get rid of his man boobs.

He told me the one source of his success.

It all started with a cute blond Irish girl called Stacey.

Raf was always a shy and introverted guy who had man boobs for as long as he could remember.

Women were a constant source of frustration in Raf's life, he could never get them to like him. They never took him seriously because he was a fat guy with man boobs.

But Stacey Was Different

She was blond, hot as hell, wore black-framed glasses, and was just the right mix of shy and outspoken. She was the kind of girl Raf would literally DIE for.

Raf had met his share of hot girls in the past, but what was different about Stacey was that she liked him back.

She laughed at Raf's weird jokes and would hang on his every word.

Stacey was the only hot girl in the world who wasn't put off by Raf's man boobs and saw him for who he was.

Life at work got better with Stacey around.

Suddenly the job Raf hated became a place he looked FORWARD to going back to every morning.

He loved the way she would flutter her eyelashes at him…

…the way they caught each other's eyes across the room, and how she would sometimes look down and blush, then glare at him again.

He loved that rush, that feeling of warmth in his chest every time he thought of her…

…the way his heart raced when she was close to him.

He also liked the way other guys at work were interested in Stacey, but she was crazy about Raf.

This went on for a few weeks, and their interest in one another was becoming so obvious, that it was time for Raf to ask Stacey out, or move in for the kiss.

And That's When Everything Went Wrong!

It was Christmas, and the store manager had arranged a party for the department.

It was the perfect time for Raf to make his move.

They hired out a hall. There was music, Christmas lights, snacks, drinks, and people dancing.

Everyone was having a great time.

At one point, Raf and Stacey were standing around with a group of colleagues. They were all silent for a moment with drinks in hand and waiting for someone to kickstart the conversation.

And that's when it happened…

Raf's supervisor, Eric, a tall, skinny nerd who was a bit of an asshole, pointed to Raf's chest and said, “So what's the story behind those?”

Raf looked at Eric and said, “Story behind what?”

To which Eric replied, “Your TITS!”

All Of A Sudden, Raf's Man Boobs Became The New Topic Of Conversation.

“Don't they call them moobs?” Said another guy in the group.

“Hey, you've got the biggest boobs in the room!” Said one of the girls.

Everyone was laughing and making sexual jokes about Raf's man boobs.

Everyone except Stacey.

Stacy just stood there looking totally embarrassed. She stared at Raf's chest as if she was seeing them for the first time.

From that moment Stacey became cold and totally unresponsive to poor old Raf.

She avoided him, avoided making eye contact with him, and was impossible to make conversation with.

Raf told me how it seemed like something biological in her clicked, and she suddenly couldn't picture being with him any more.

Raf was totally heart-broken.

He could feel a heaviness in his heart for the rest of the party.

When the party was over, everyone was walking out of the venue together for a while before they went their separate ways.

Raf looked at Stacey and it was clear she didn't want to walk with him.

A few minutes later, when Raf was alone in his car, the terrible pain of heartbreak suddenly hit him hard.

It wasn't just the pain of losing any chance of ever being with Stacey.

It was all the pain he had suffered throughout his entire life because of his man boobs:-

  • Every time a girl rejected him.
  • Every time someone teased, mocked, or ridiculed him.
  • Every summer he spent indoors on his own.
  • Every time he avoided going to the beach with his friends and family.
  • Every time he stayed indoors while his friends were out surfing, playing football, hiking and cycling.

Mostly though, it was the pain of heartbreak.

Nothing breaks a man's spirit more.

Now, Raf is a tough guy.

He grew up in a rough neighborhood and he's been through a lot of crap in his life. I can't ever imagine this guy crying over anything.

But that moment, alone in his car, the pain of heartbreak and the painful acknowledgement of how miserable his life was, was just too much.

It All Hit Him Like A Speeding Truck.

He realized how much his life sucked, he decided he was better off dead than going on living the way he was.

Poor Raf was lonely, had no close friends, his family didn't know him, and worst of all he had no intimacy in his life.

There was no reason for Raf to live anymore.

As all those emotions welled up inside him, he suddenly broke into tears.

Raf spent the next 20 minutes, parked up in his car with the engine on, a grown man, crying his eyes out like a child.

He drove home that day, no longer caring whether he lived or died, with images running through his mind of every heartbreak, every lonely moment, every summer spent alone and indoors.

At that moment Raf realized how truly messed up his life with man boobs was.

When He Got Home That Day, He Realized He Had Two Choices…

…to either commit suicide, or do whatever it takes to get rid of his man boobs and sort his life out–his social life, his life at work, his life with his family, and most of all, his love life.

Thankfully, Raf chose the second option.

After a few years of trying different methods with no real lasting results, Raf met me in Brazil and the rest is history.

Now that raf has no man boobs and a great body, he has a great social life and all the romance and intimacy a guy could ask for.

He's not exactly George Clooney with girls all over the world dreaming about him, but he isn't afraid to strike up a conversation with a girl he likes.

It makes all the difference in the world when a girl shows some hint of liking you back from the outset.

A great body isn't everything you need for women to like you, but it sure as hell does help.

A great body gives off a good vibe–it shows that you look after yourself, have good health, that you work hard and have some self control.

When you have a great body, girls give you a chance to talk to them, even sometimes invite you to talk to them, so you get a chance to show them who you are.

But losing man boobs and transforming the way you look, does more than just make you LOOK good, it also makes you more confident.

And–I'm no expert with women–but it's obvious to me that women are attracted to confidence more than they are to anything else.

So when Raf lost his man boobs, not only did he look better so women would show interest when he approached them, he also became more confident, so women liked him more when they got to know him.

If only Stacey could see Raf now, I bet she'd kick herself for letting go of such a great guy.

The Two Things You Need To Lose Your Man Boobs

If you want to lose your man boobs, you'll be happy to know that you don't need a massive heart-breaking Harajuku moment like Raf had.

All you really need is to acknowledge that life without man boobs will be better than the life you are living now.

I don't know if you are happy or unhappy with your life the way it is now, but what I DO know is that life will probably be better without those darn man boobs–whether we're talking about your social life, your life at work, or your love life.

The other thing you need is to know the right methods that will help get rid of your man boobs.

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