Why Moroccans Don’t Have Man Boobs

Hey mon frère

I just spent the last week in Marrakech with my girlfriend and we had such a great time!

The funny thing about Morocco is they speak both French and Arabic–two languages I learned back in school, but didn't really get the hang of.

So there I was in Morocco, mixing up my French and Arabic and making all the locals burst inside with laughter at how dumb I must've sounded.

We jumped into a taxi at one point and I was trying to explain what a camel was to the driver (I didn't know the word for “camel” in either Arabic or French).

So I asked him, “Voulez vouz le camel?”

Now, local Moroccans–the ones who don't speak English and don't make a living out of ripping off tourists–are very nice, polite people.

The driver, whose name was Abd'Ifta, must have been bursting inside with laughter–because I had just asked him, “Do you want the camel?”

On the outside, he simply smiled and explained to me how to say “camel” in both French and Arabic.

Aside from how polite they are, another thing I realized about Moroccans in Marrakech, is there are VERY few overweight people, and man boobs are non-existent.

Of all the thousands of people we saw, the only fat people we ever saw were tourists.

Even in Gueliz–the rich part of town–there wasn't an overweight Moroccan in sight.

Why is this so?

I always go on about the importance of a low carb diet, but a lot of Moroccan dishes come with bread and couscous, so it couldn't be that.

If not a low carb diet, then what is it that makes Moroccans so lean?

Here's my opinion…

One big reason Moroccans are lean is because Morocco hasn't advanced to the stage where they are making widespread use of feminizing chemicals in their food.

Their animals are raised naturally, without pumping them full of hormones like we do here in the West. Their crops are also grown more naturally.

I also noticed that most of their fast food is grilled rather than fried in artificial trans fats or vegetable oil (see my article on good fats and bad fats).

I've always suspected that chemicals played a big role in the obesity epidemic that started here in the West in the 1980's.

If you're not too keen on going on a low carb or any other diet; if diets haven't worked for you in the past, then one big thing you can do to help get rid of your man boobs, help you lose weight, and boost your health at the same time, is to just start avoiding those chemicals.

  • Start eating organic food.
  • If organic is too expensive or not available, then source your food from small local farms where farmers are less likely to use harmful chemicals.
  • Avoid ready-made food with dozens of ingredients, stick to food that has ONE ingredient–like meat, fish, an egg, cabbage, broccoli, etc.
  • If you DO eat something pre-packaged or ready-made, read the ingredients label and make sure there are no chemicals.

If there was one diet that was just as powerful as a grain-free diet in helping you to lose man boobs, lose unwanted pounds, and transform your physique, it would be the “anti-chemical diet”.

Start avoiding those chemicals today, and you'll soon see your chest flattening out and those pounds dropping off your body.

Moroccans are lean because they're not surrounded by supermarkets and fast-food outlets packed with chemical-infested food.

You and I may not be as fortunate as the Moroccans, but if we make the effort to avoid those chemicals, we can be just as lean and flat-chested as they are.

Chemical exposure is a big thing when it comes to getting rid of man boobs.

In How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, I reveal some shocking sources of chemicals that you and I are exposed to every day–chemicals that you must avoid if you want to ever lose your man boobs.

In this program, I not only show you how to avoid these chemicals, but I also show you what you can do to counteract the harmful effects of the many chemicals you CAN'T avoid.

I only stayed in Morocco for a week. Despite living on fast food and inhaling thick vehicle fumes in the busy streets of the Medina of Marrakech, despite doing no exercise except walking, I got leaner and my health improved–my asthma got better and my skin became more radiant.

I came out of Marrakech looking and feeling healthier and, according to my girlfriend, sexier than when I went in.

And I owe it largely to living a chemical-free life.

If avoiding chemicals for one week can transform me the way it did in Marrakech, think what going on a chemical-free diet can do for YOU in just one week, and over the weeks, months and years that follow.

To learn more about how you can transform your physique by losing man boobs and losing those excess pounds, and how you can start seeing results just a week from now, click the link below to check out How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:


2 thoughts on “Why Moroccans Don’t Have Man Boobs”

  1. I read your article above and I was wondering what your take is on something. I ate a fairly low carb diet lots of proteins and some fat from peanut butter, olive oil, almonds and I haven’t tried avocados yet but I’m thinking about it. But my question is, what do you think about chicken breasts that are very large when you buy them in a bag. I’m talking about skinless boneless chicken breast from say like Tyson. I see those sometimes and I wonder if the enhancement that seems to be done to make those breasts larger, please into the effect of man boobs at all. I know those hormones that might be in the chicken breasts are there to enhance the muscle of the actual chicken and not so much the fat. Just wondering what your thoughts are there. Thank you very much in advance for your response!!

    • Hey Eric

      There aren’t any scientific studies I know of that compare the effects of eating hormonally enhanced chicken VS organic chicken, but I would personally err on the side of caution and stick to organic chicken, or chicken sourced from a local farm where I know they don’t use hormones.


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