Should You Train To Failure?

A famous powerlifter once said…

“Training to failure is training to fail”

I forget who this guy was, but I remember looking up his picture, and he was both ripped and muscular beyond belief!

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the the most famous bodybuilder who ever existed. He may have had one of the most amazing physiques I have ever seen. But we all know he was on steroids, and his training advice sucked. Arnold used to go on and on about training to failure as being the only way to train. Other bodybuilding greats, like Mike Mentzer, said the same.

But the most knowledgeable bodybuilders, the likes of Vince Gironda, always said that training to failure is not necessary for muscle growth, and may even be detrimental.

I found this to be true in my own training.

When I first started doing squats, I didn't know that the exercise would hit my glutes (buttocks) and hamstrings (back of thighs). I always thought it was just an exercise for the quads (front of thighs), because this is where I felt it burn.

I was later surprised to find that without doing any other exercise to target my buttocks or hamstrings, my buttocks and hamstrings had grown!

I did a bit of research, and learned that squats DO hit your hamstrings and buttocks, because you are bending at the hip as well as bending at the knees. All this time I was working my glutes and hams, and I didn't even know it! There was no pump, and I NEVER took those muscle groups to failure, because my quads would always fail first.

That's when I was truly convinced that the following two things are NOT necessary for muscle growth:

1. Training to failure
2. The “pump”

Yeh, Arnold was CRAZY about the “pump”, he said in one of his famous videos, that the pump to him was like “cuming”… what a weirdo.

Was Arnold right, or am I right? Well, why don't you see for yourself? If you are training like I suggest in How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally, or in the Chest Sculpting Blueprint, then have a feel of your glutes and hams, and tell me if they have grown without you realizing. If you have to train to failure for your muscles to grow, or if you have to feel the “pump” for your muscles to grow, then how in the heck did your glutes and hams grow, when you never felt them burn, and you never trained them to failure?

Well you might then argue, that training to failure may not be NECESSARY for muscle growth, but training to failure will get you QUICKER and BIGGER muscle growth than not training to failure.

Well you'd be wrong there again.

When you train to failure, your body takes much longer to recover. That was one of Vince Gironda's biggest arguments against training to failure. He said you would get better gains if you avoided failure and trained more frequently.

Reason I'm talking to you about failure today, is because I came across this interesting study on failure training VS non-failure training.

In this 2006 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, 14 men were made to do failure training, and 15 made to do non failure training. By the end of the study, the non-failure group showed greater increases in strength, power, resting testosterone levels, and reduced cortisol levels when compared to the failure group. With the failure group, testosterone levels stayed the same, cortisol increased, and IGF-1 (a muscle-building hormone) levels decreased.

The only thing the failure group did better at, was muscular endurance – they were able to do slightly more repetitions in the bench press.

But what do you want? Do you want to do more reps on the bench press, or do you want to boost muscle size, boost testosterone, boost strength and power, and lose those man boobs?

If you want the latter, then stick to training to NON-failure :).

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