The 100% Natural Man Boob Busting Fat Burner Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Natural Fat Burner

What if I told you there was a 100% natural substance that seemed as if it was designed by nature to help you burn fat?

A substance like this does exist.

Science has been obsessed with this substance for over two decades, and study after study is showing how it can help you burn fat all over your body. This substance is even primed to reverse all those things that make your body grow man boobs.

For now, I’m going to call this substance “Substance A”. The “A” stands for “ambrosia”, which is the food that made mythical Greek gods immortal.

The Greek god Poseidon (left), and ambrosia as depicted in Xena Warrior Princess (right). In Greek mythology, ambrosia was the food of the gods, which gave them their immortality, powers, and super hot physiques.

Nothing in the REAL world can make you immortal of course, but if I had to name one thing that came closest, it would be Substance A. Read on and you’ll find out why.

Substance A isn’t one of those fads that have little or no scientific basis for burning fat—the likes of Garcinia Cambogia and Acai Berry. You’ll never hear me telling you to try crap like that to get rid of your man boobs.

Garcinia Cambogia and Acai Berry are fads whose popularity wanes with each passing year, as more and more people try them and find they don’t work. Substance A on the other hand, has been growing in popularity over the past decade.

Why Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To Know About Substance A

The reason Substance A’s popularity hasn’t exploded with news of its wondrous fat-burning ability all over the news, is because big Pharma doesn’t want it to get out.

Being a natural substance, big pharmaceutical companies can’t profit from Substance A.

If everyone knew the truth about Substance A, countless pharmaceutical drugs (each one costing hundreds of millions of dollars to develop) would be taken off the shelves, because Substance A can achieve the same benefit without the nasty side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Think about it. Substance A has the potential to eradicate obesity from the face of the planet. Think about how much big Pharma and government officials are profiting from a nation where 70.7% of adults over the age of 20 are obese or overweight.

Fat people make big money for big Pharma. Not only because of all the drugs fat people use for being fat—the appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters and digestive interruptors—but more-so because of the drugs used to treat the countless diseases that come from being fat: diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, bowel cancer, stroke, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, gallstones, osteoarthritis, reproductive problems, psychosocial problems and liver disease.

Cut out obesity, and you cut out a big chunk of all of these diseases, and all of these big pharmaceutical companies go broke. The weight loss industry goes broke too, with fewer fat people around, less people will be going to gyms, less people will be buying gym equipment, less people will be paying for weight loss pills, shakes, meal replacement plans, etc.

But to hell with big Pharma and to hell with the weight loss industry. If there’s something natural that can help me burn fat and get lean, and help YOU burn fat and get lean, then I’m going to tell you about it. The whole world may not find out about it any time soon, but at least you and I can live happy individual lives in a lean attractive body FREE of man boobs.

What Makes Substance A So Powerful At Torching Body Fat?

Substance A helps you get rid of excess body fat via multiple different mechanisms. Here are just a handful of those mechanisms:

Increases thermogenesis in your body

Thermogenesis is where you burn fat to produce heat.

Substance A increases the activity of brown fat cells, which are the most proficient thermogenic tissue in the body. Not only that, studies show Substance A also converts white fat cells into brown-like fat cells called “beige” fat cells, which act more like brown fat cells by burning fat to produce heat.

How cool is that? Converting the very thing you hate—fat—into something that burns surrounding fat. It’s like having hidden allies within the enemy camp, so you can destroy the enemy from within.

See how beige fat cells contain more energy burning mitochondria and less stored fat in lipid droplets compared to white fat cells? Boosting beige fat numbers is one way Substance A boosts your metabolism.

Having more brown and beige fat cells is one way to increase your metabolism, so you’re constantly burning more fat, all day and all night. I've told you in other articles that boosting muscle mass boosts your metabolism, because muscle tissue is very metabolically active at rest. But when you boost muscle mass and you boost your beige fat cell count with Substance A, then that fat on your body doesn't have a chance!

Studies show that lean people have more beige fat cells than fat people. People get lean all the time without even thinking about beige fat cells, but if you get lean by focusing on boosting beige fat cells, not only will it be easier to get lean, but it'll be easier to stay lean, since beige fat cells boost your metabolism, so you're burning more fat and producing more heat 24/7.

Many studies have shown that the number and activity of beige and brown fat cells are lower the fatter you are, which means that increasing the number and activity of beige and brown fat cells plays a big role in helping you to get lean and stay lean.

Prevents fat cell differentiation

This is where new fat cells are created from stem cells. Substance A deactivates two proteins, PPARγ and C/EBPα, which are needed for stem cells to morph into fat cells.

When you put a clamp on the production of new fat cells in your body, you’ll find your fat-burning efforts are a lot more effective.

Stargate SG-1 always had a hard time fighting those replicators, because they kept, well… replicating. But what if they could use something to stop the replication process? Then all they would have to do is to kill the remaining replicators and the battle is won!

Let’s say you’re killing these deadly spiders that have taken over your house (like something I saw in some random movie back in the day). You haven’t found the spider’s nest yet, so the only way to win is to kill the spiders at a faster rate than the nest can create new ones.

That can be a lot of hard work, and you’re not sure if you can win.

But what if you had a friend who snuck in and incinerated that nest with a blow-torch? Now all you need is to carry on killing spiders, you can take your time with it, and eventually you are guaranteed to win.

In the same way, when you stop new fat cells from forming with Substance A, you need only carry on with an effective fat busting method, and it's only a matter of time before you're lean.

Prevents angiogenesis in fat tissue

Angiogenesis is the growth of blood vessels needed to support new fat tissues in your body.

Substance A prevents angiogenesis in fat tissue by reducing the expression of a signaling protein called vascular endothelial growth factor.

Substance A cuts off the supply of blood for new fat tissue

By preventing new blood vessels from forming in fat tissues, new fat cells can’t form. It’s like cutting off the food supply to your enemy so their numbers can’t grow.

Causes fat cell apoptosis

When you exercise and burn fat, fat cells don’t die, they just shrink. Substance A however, causes fat cells to undergo programmed cell death. This makes it more difficult for your body to regain the fat you lose.

Normal fat loss methods merely shrink fat cells. Substance A destroys them.

So you’re not just knocking out your enemies so they can get up and fight you again (like in those sensored PG rated movies), you’re murdering them (think Kill Bill, 300 and Gladiator).

Helps control your appetite

Substance A sensitizes your brain to a hormone called leptin. Leptin is known to be a satiety signal that acts on the brain to decrease your appetite.

Substance A helps you control your appetite

With your brain sensitized to leptin, you won’t feel hungry so much, and you’ll no longer be controlled by that urge to stuff your face with junk food. You’ll finally be in control of what you eat and how much you eat.

Reduces inflammation

More and more studies are showing how obesity is actually an inflammatory disease. The more inflammation you have in your body, the fatter you will get.

Substance A has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, because it inhibits not one, not two, but MANY different molecules involved in inflammation, including phospholipase, lipooxygenase, cyclooxygenase 2, leukotrienes, thromboxane, prostaglandins, nitric oxide, collagenase, elastase, hyaluronidase, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), interferon-inducible protein, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), and interleukin-12 (IL-12).

Substance A is so good at killing inflammation, that studies show it’s more powerful than some medical anti-inflammatory drugs. People commonly use Substance A for inflammatory conditions like arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Improves insulin sensitivity

Insulin is the body’s most important fat storage hormone. When there’s lots of insulin in your blood, your body is constantly in fat storage mode. Your body keeps storing fat, and is even unable to break down or burn fat, since insulin inhibits the enzymes, HSL and CPT-1, which are needed to break down and burn fat in your body.

The more insulin sensitive you are, the less insulin there is floating around in your blood. So the more you improve your insulin sensitivity, the easier it will be to burn fat.

One of many ways Substance A improves insulin sensitivity is by activating insulin receptors and improving insulin signaling. It also enhances glucose metabolism, so less insulin is needed by your body.


Those are just some of the many mechanisms Substance A uses to help you lose body fat. Most pharmaceutical anti-obesity drugs use only one mechanism. The more I study Substance A, the more it seems that this is nature’s solution to bringing your body back into a state of balance, where you become the man you were meant to be—lean, strong, and free of man boobs.

Mechanisms aside, are there any studies where people are given Substance A and it helps them to actually lose body fat?

There are plenty. Here’s one:

Did People Who Took Substance A In This Scientific Study Actually Get Leaner?

In a 2015 randomized controlled study, 22 people were put through a diet and exercise program for 30 days. Their body composition metrics (weight, body fat levels, etc.) were measured at the start of the experiment (day 0) and measured again at the end of the experiment (day 30). Here are the average changes from day 0 to day 30:

Day 0 to Day 30: Diet & Exercise Only:

  • 1.88% weight loss
  • 0.70% fat loss
  • 2.36% waistline reduction
  • 0.74% hip circumference reduction
  • 2.10% BMI reduction

After that, they were told to continue the same diet and exercise program, and additionally they were given Substance A to take daily for a further 30 days. Here are the values for average body composition difference from day 30 to day 60:

Day 30 to Day 60: Diet, Exercise, & Substance A:

  • 4.91% weight loss
  • 8.43% fat loss
  • 4.13% waistline reduction
  • 2.51% hip circumference reduction
  • 6.43% BMI reduction

So there’s a HUGE difference here. The first 30 days of diet and exercise, and they saw marginal results. The next 30 days with diet, exercise, plus Substance A, and they saw much more impressive results.

The subjects of this study lost a LOT of body fat in just 30 days of being on Substance A.

And what's really cool is that…

Substance A Increases The Fat Loss To Muscle Loss Ratio

When you lose weight, you ideally want to lose most of that weight from fat, and very little from other stuff that adds weight to your body, like muscle and water.

In the first 30 day block without Substance A, we can see that the percentage weight loss (1.88%) is more than double the percentage fat loss (0.70%), which means the subjects lost lots of muscle and water, but very little fat.

From days 30 to 60, when Substance A was used, the percentage fat loss (8.43%) is almost DOUBLE the percentage weight loss (4.91%), which means the subjects burned a hell of a lot more fat and lost a hell of a lot less muscle.

This goes to show how Substance A really focuses in on burning that fat, as opposed to making you lose weight by losing mostly muscle mass and water.

It's common knowledge that conventional fat loss methods like long distance cardio and low fat diets make you lose around 50% fat and 50% muscle. Substance A however, has multiple mechanisms that help you burn fat, and zero mechanisms for wasting muscle.

There are actually animal studies that show Substance A makes animals stronger by boosting muscle growth. So if you're losing weight with Substance A, it will help you preserve muscle mass at the very least, and may even help you grow some muscle.

One study on mice found that mice supplemented with Substance A for 28 days ended up with significantly higher grip strength and were able to swim to exhaustion for longer than mice not receiving Substance A. The greater the dose of Substance A, the greater the grip strength and the longer they were able to swim to exhaustion.

Usually, when you start a new diet and exercise regimen, you see the BIGGEST results in the first 30 days, and thereafter your results stall, you hit those plateaus, and you have to keep pushing harder to continue to see the same results. In this case though, taking Substance A skyrocketed the results of the participants from day 30 to day 60.

But in case people are still not convinced Substance A did anything, the researchers of this study did something more. There were actually 44 subjects in this study, and the other 22 subjects were given a different healthy substance called phosphatidylserine for the second block of 30 days. Here are the values for average body composition difference from day 30 to day 60 for these folks:

Day 30 to Day 60: Diet, Exercise, & Phosphatidylserine:

  • 2.12% weight loss
  • 2.71% fat loss
  • 0.70% waistline reduction
  • 1.32% hip circumference reduction
  • 1.72% BMI reduction

So with phosphatidylserine for the second 30 day block, these people didn’t see nearly as big a change as the 22 people who took Substance A.

And phosphatidylserine is not some inert placebo, they actually make supplements out of this stuff because it boosts athletic performance and supports testicular function.

Substance A isn't just any old supplement. Studies have compared it head-on with other supplements, and Substance A has, from what I've seen so far, topped them all.

In case these percentages don’t mean much to you, the average weight of these people was 85.2 kg at day 0. After diet and exercise for 30 days, the average weight was 83.6kg (so each person lost an average of 1.6kg).

On day 60, after 30 days of diet, exercise, plus Substance A, the average weight was 79.5kg. That’s a loss of 4.1kg from day 30 to day 60. That’s a lot of weight to lose in 30 days!

Fitness expert Tom Venuto with his intense calorie-counting, weight training, and cardio routines, advises to lose 2lb per week, which works out to be 3.63kg a month.

The folks in this study with a lame-ass excuse for a diet and exercise regimen dictated to them by a bunch of fat scientists, lost only 1.6kg in their first month through diet and exercise, and lost a whooping 4.1kg in the second month, thanks to this awesome Substance A.

So you don’t need Tom Venuto, because Substance A is better than his guidance (sorry Tom).

But How Does Substance A Help You Lose Man Boobs?

If all Substance A did was help you lose body fat via the mechanisms outlined above, then it would go a long way in helping you to get rid of man boobs. But Substance A goes above and beyond in helping you to lose man boobs by doing more than just the above.

It reduces estrogen production and blocks estrogen on a cellular level. It also boosts the male hormone testosterone via multiple different mechanisms.

High estrogen and/or low testosterone is the primary cause of man boobs. When you reduce estrogen and boost testosterone with Substance A, your body will start to flatten out your chest so you look more manly.

What Is Substance A, And How Do You Take It To Lose Man Boobs?

Being totally natural, Substance A has no nasty side-effects, and it’s very inexpensive. You can add it to your food, drink it down with a glass of water, or my favorite method, you can take it as an all-natural supplement.

So what is Substance A?

Substance A is nothing other than the all-powerful Indian herb turmeric.

Turmeric has been used for centuries in China and India to cure countless different diseases. Today, modern science is showing that turmeric really does work, not only for curing more diseases than I can list here, but for helping you lose fat and optimizing your body by getting rid of man boobs, growing muscle, giving you more energy, improving your mood, and even increasing your lifespan.

From all the research I’ve done, it seems to me that turmeric positively influences every organ and every tissue in your body.

Taking turmeric is like giving your body an upgrade.

Even IF turmeric didn’t help me to lose weight, lose my man boobs, and grow muscle, I would take this supplement every day for the rest of my life because of all the other wondrous benefits of this near-magical ambrosia-like herb.

But the awesome thing is that turmeric DOES help you to look better by burning fat, blasting away man boobs, and boosting muscle growth.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your hands on a good turmeric supplement and see what this wonder-herb can do for you. The only way to know is to give it a try for 30 days.

Be warned though, not every turmeric supplement is the same. Pick the wrong one and you’ll likely see zero or marginal results. This is because a capsule can only fit so much turmeric.

The only way you’ll see results with the small amount of turmeric you get inside a capsule, is if it’s formulated to contain more of the beneficial component, curcumin, and contains a natural black pepper extract, which prevents curcumin from being broken down by the liver.

Here’s a good turmeric supplement that contains every ingredient in the right proportions to make sure it really shrinks down those man boobs and burns off that excess fat. I’m currently using this one myself and I find that it works well:

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You can also increase turmeric intake in your diet, you can add turmeric powder to a glass of water with a pinch of black pepper and drink it down, but the most convenient way to take it, the only way most of us will bother to take it every day for 30 days straight, is in the form of a supplement.

A couple of small turmeric capsules a day with a glass of water could be the difference between being fat with man boobs, and finally having that body you always wished you could have

Just two easy natural pills a day with a glass of water, and it could change your body and change your life. Give it a try and let me know how you get on in the comments section below.

Here are those links again:

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If you are having trouble getting hold of this particular supplement, the following article will show you how to identify other great turmeric supplements:


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