How To Hide Your Man Boobs

How To Hide Your Man Boobs

Why Every Man Should Hide His Man Boobs

Unless you have the resolve of a Spartan and don't give a damn what others think of you, learning how to hide your man boobs can actually help you to lose your man boobs.

A lot of my clients are hard-set against the idea of hiding their man boobs. They're afraid that if they can totally conceal their man boobs in their day-to-day life, then they'll lose all motivation for actually getting rid of their man boobs.

But in my experience, with the vast majority of my clients, the opposite has been true. After learning how to successfully conceal their man boobs, guys who were once on the verge of giving up, went on to take the time they needed to finally achieve their goal – a flat, masculine chest that no longer needs hiding.

Once you've picked out a decent method below to help you hide your man boobs, remember to then start taking action on actually losing those man boobs. After a lot of trial and error, I've finally discovered a method most guys with man boobs can use, to get rid of their man boobs naturally, without surgery, and without using powerful medical drugs. Click the link below to find out about these methods:

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So How Does Learning To Hide Your Man Boobs Help With Actually Losing Your Man Boobs?

Losing your man boobs naturally, takes time. It doesn't have to take months or years, but it does take a few weeks for your body and chest to respond to the lifestyle changes that you make.

During those few weeks, the single most important factor that decides whether a guy will succeed in losing his man boobs, is his motivation in being able to consistently stick to his plan despite not seeing any massive changes in his chest or in the way people treat him.

People will make fun of you whether you have large, medium or small man boobs. Going from having absolutely HUGE man boobs to having tiny ones is a great accomplishment, but people will laugh at you just the same, women will still find you unattractive and you will not have the feel and presence of a man until your chest is completely flat.

In the early days of my career as a personal trainer specializing in man boob reduction, many of my clients were coming back to me after having lost inches of pure chest fat and complaining that the system just wasn't working.

After all the effort of making lifestyle changes in exercise and dietary regimes, people are still laughing at them, their friends are still making jokes about their man boobs and women just don't seem to find them attractive.

After all that effort, they still didn't feel confident, and they still didn't feel comfortable being topless or wearing a T-shirt in public.

When I started to insist that every one of my clients wear compression shirt up until the point that they actually lose their man boobs, their success rate went through the roof!

It seems that successfully concealing their man boobs helped give my clients the motivational boost they needed to keep going until they reached their goal.

Hiding your man boobs today gives you a glimpse of how things will be when you actually DO lose your man boobs. So with that said, let's get to

How to Hide Your Man Boobs

Method #1: Wearing Compression Shirts

If you get the right compression shirt, it'll look just like a normal vest. You can wear it in the summer under a tight white t-shirt and no-one will know you have man boobs. Depending on the shape of your body, it can even give you the appearance of having pecs!

You can get compression shirts that cover only the chest area and others that look just like a normal vest. I personally prefer the ones that look like a normal vest. What if someone spills a mug of steaming hot coffee on your shirt and you need to take it off? The only thing more embarrassing than having man boobs is to be caught wearing something that looks like a male bra.

Compression Shirts I Have Personally Worn And Liked

Here they are in order of preference.

Malx Slimming Compression Shirt

I bought a number of different compression shirts back in my man boob days, and this was one of my favorites. The combination of polyester and spandex makes it very breathable and soft against your skin despite compressing your entire torso. It's also incredibly thin and almost invisible underneath a summer t-shirt.

What I liked in particular about this particular gynecomastia compression shirt, is for me, it had just the right balance between comfort and compression. It will hide your man boobs and your belly, and you can wear it all day without feeling like you're having the life squashed out of you.

I should warn you that I personally bought this shirt after I had significantly reduced my body fat and chest size. This shirt may offer good compression, but it doesn't do the job for larger guys as good as the shirts below.

See, the thing about compression shirts is there will always be a trade-off between level of compression and comfort. If there is even the slightest bit of compression, it will feel uncomfortable to wear. The more the compression, the more uncomfortable it will feel.

The only way to both look slim and feel 100% comfortable, is to actually get rid of those man boobs and lose the excess body fat like I show you in my program.

But while you're on your journey to losing your man boobs, a great way to look lean and manly right NOW, is to wear a good compression shirt, and the Malx Compression Shirt is the best one I can recommend.

And a word of advice: don't choose a smaller size than what you normally wear, as you're likely to find that it's too tight to even get on. If medium-size t-shirts feel just a tad too tight for you, then opt for a large with this compression shirt.

Another word of advice: consider getting two sizes. If a large provides you with good compression, get an extra-large one too for mild compression and more comfort. You can wear the large for short events where you are keen to impress (e.g. a date with a hottie), and the extra-large for long all-day events where you're not too fussed about the way you look, but still don't want your man boobs noticed (e.g. a day out with the friends).

Click here to order this compression shirt (USA/Canada/International)

Click here to order this compression shirt (UK)

Gynecomastia Compression Shirt By Esteem Apparel

This compression shirt is full of good reviews. I've bought a few in different sizes and tried them on, and I must conclude that the reviews are mostly fake.

Why do I think the reviews are fake?

Because there are too many people saying crap like, “It breathes great for me and after a minute I don't even notice I'm wearing it.”… there is no way in hell that you will EVER stop noticing that you are wearing this shirt. It's made of nylon (totally unbreathable material), and feels like a corset that is crushing the life out of you. Even if you get a much larger size, it's so darn thick and unbreathable that it feels like you are walking around in a mobile sauna!

You will sweat your guts out in this shirt, and I do NOT recommend you even ATTEMPT to wear this all day.

The only reason I am recommending this shirt on here, is because it provides more compression than the Malx compression shirt above. I would only advise getting this shirt if you are extremely DESPERATE to look as good as you can, and are willing to put off breathing, just to look good. If looking lean is more important to you than being able to breathe, then get this shirt.

It's also made of quality material and has an easy way you can take it off by pulling the straps down over your shoulders.

Click here to order this compression shirt (USA/Canada/International)

Click here to order this compression shirt (UK – same shirt under a different brand name)

Roc Bodywear Men's Slimming Body Shaper Compression Shirt

I would say the Roc Bodywear Compression Shirt has the same excellent level of compression as the Esteem Apparel Compression Shirt above.

However, this shirt is a tad MORE uncomfortable to wear than the Esteem Apparel shirt, because it is made of a cheaper material and is even less breathable.

The good thing however, is this shirt costs a fraction of the price of the Esteem Apparel shirt, so it's an option for you if you are on a budget, or just want to try a compression shirt to see if it works for you.

If you want crazy levels of unbreathable compression, and you want to spend as little as possible, then get this shirt.

Click here to order this compression shirt (USA/Canada/International)

Method #2: Dressing Smart

No matter how compressive your compression shirt, as physics will have it, you can't make matter disappear. A compression shirt can make you look slimmer, but if you weigh over 200 pounds, nothing will make it seem as though you're a slick lean guy with abs. That's why you'll want to employ some of the tactics below to further improve upon your look.

Wear something dark over your compression shirt

Wearing dark colors makes body contours less noticeable. People won't be able to tell if you're built like a tank or fat.

Go for patterns instead of plain

Tops with patterns on them (lines, squares, random shapes, scribbles or even flowers if you like) hide body contours also.

Go for vertical instead of horizontal stripes

Vertical stripes make you look tall and thin, whereas horizontal stripes make you look short and fat.


The top in the above picture probably won't suit you. I put that picture there for illustrative purposes, to show you what type of stripes you should be wearing, not because I find the model so incredibly alluring. Wow. Those are some good stripes.

Wear a shirt with two front pockets

t-shirt with front pockets

The type of pockets I'm talking about here are the ones with flaps and buttons just like in the picture above. These do a great job at hiding man boobs, try one out yourself.

Go for thick instead of thin clothing

This one's a no-brainer (as are a few others listed here). It's harder to notice man boobs, love handles and other contours or deformities when you are wearing thick clothing as opposed to thin.

Wear something a little baggy

It's your compression shirt that's meant to be tight, not what you wear over it. Although with a good compression shirt most guys find they can wear a thin tight t-shirt and they look built rather than fat. But like I said earlier, if you still feel a little self-conscious while wearing a compression shirt, it's best to opt for something just a little on the baggy side.

Wear a shirt instead of a t-shirt

All the extra features of a shirt work well to hide your body contours. These include the collar, the buttons, any pockets the shirt may have, all the extra seams etc.

Method #3: Working The Right Muscles

Resistance training can really help improve your appearance and make your man boobs totally unnoticeable. I know a lot of guys who have man boobs, but don't even know it themselves because they were born with naturally broad shoulders and a wide upper body.

The good news is, guys who were born to be scrawny (like me – I had a chicken's shoulders before I started lifting weights), can really improve their appearance by working out the right muscle groups.

The muscle groups that are best for hiding man boobs are the shoulders, chest and upper back. The mistake that most guys make is they only bother working the chest. The trouble with only training the chest, is that it pulls your shoulders forward, giving you a hunched appearance, and making your man boobs bigger. I explain in this article, how it's equally important to work your upper back. This helps to keep your shoulders back, and helps tremendously in widening your upper body.

Adding in a good upper chest exercise, is another great way to reduce the appearance of man boobs.

Method #4: Lose Those Man Boobs!

Yeh, who would have guessed eh? The best method for appearing as though you don't have man boobs, is to actually lose them!

Now that you know how to hide your man boobs, it's important to get started on a program that will help you to finally get rid of your man boobs. A gynecomastia compression shirt can't help you if you want to get topless – say at the beach or in the bedroom.

To get started with losing your man boobs right away, click the following link to check out my unique program on how to lose man boobs naturally:

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23 thoughts on “How To Hide Your Man Boobs”

  1. Sir,
    It was a very valuable piece of information. Thanks a lot. I have recently started to bring lifestyle changes to lose my moobs and  I still have some bothers. I request you to answer approx 3 questions of me please.  The first being about the size of the compression vest itself. I don’t have a really large budget so I’m usually very reluctant to order the wrong size. How do I get the right size? Should I take the body measurements or just order L or XL etc- all on guesses. 
    Thank you. (2 more questions to follow-please bear with me)

    • Hi, thanks for the question.

      When you click on the links I give you on this article, you are taken to Amazon where you can buy the vests. Where it says “Select Size”, there’s a little drop-down menu with chest sizes in inches. I suggest getting yourself a tape-measurer and measuring the diameter of your chest at the point where your chest is biggest. Go under the armpits, around the fullest part of the chest and around the shoulder blades.

      I hope that helps.

      • Thanks that really helped.
        Another question is that should I focus only on the cardio like treadmill first to lose some weight (im overweight slightly- 88 kgs, around 5 11 feet)
        Or should I also start weight lifting? 
        Currently I do cardio and then do pushups and crunches

        • Quit the cardio. Cardio just makes you hungry. Body fat reduction is all in the food. Reduce your sugar and grain-based carbohydrate intake. Eat meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Don’t try to exercise away a bad diet.

          I do advise you lift weights though. Not only will it help improve your appearance by building muscle, but unlike cardio, it will also improve your hormonal profile, which will make it easier for you to reduce body fat. Take a look at at my advanced weight training program. It comes with a detailed step-by-step workout plan that shows you how to maximize muscle growth and boost your hormone profile.

          • Garry,

            You are SO RIGHT about cardio! Too many people think cardio will get them in shape. Cardio doesn’t even burn that much fat compared to cutting from your diet. It takes about 30 minutes of cardio to burn only two tablespoons of olive oil!

            Also, cardio skyrockets cortisol, which makes man boobs and abdominal girth even worse. Add to that the fact that cardio is stressful on joints, and there really is no reason to do cardio unless you need to increase your running stamina.


          • Hi Jason

            Most people who use cardio never end up losing weight. Those who do end up losing weight, end up slimming down everywhere except the chest. This is because the high levels of cortisol and low levels of testosterone you get from doing long duration cardio, cause your body to hold onto chest fat.

            You start to see REAL body transformation when you make diet your first priority. You also see some impressive changes when you do weight training the right way, and do high intensity interval training instead of steady state cardio.

  2. Hi mate. I have a question. Actually I have gyno with fatty chest. I always wear a compression vest under my t-shirt in the gym to hide my man boobs. I wanted to ask if wearing these compression vests in the gym affects muscle gains or full movement of muscles, e.g. chest muscles etc.. thanks.

    • Hi Ricky. As long as your vest isn’t excessively tight, I see no reason why muscle gains or range of movement should be affected. A very tight vest on the other hand, can restrict blood flow to the area. Some studies have actually shown that temporarily restricting blood flow to a muscle group can help increase the muscle hypertrophy response after exercise, but these are studies that were supervised by experts in a controlled environment, I don’t recommend you purposefully restrict the blood flow to your muscles while you work out.

      So the bottom line here is, keep wearing the vest, just make sure it isn’t restrictingly tight. Do not wear one that restricts blood flow to your muscles, do not wear one that restricts your range of motion, do not wear one that limits chest expansion (so your breathing isn’t affected).

  3. Wow, insanely helpful. I don’t have huge or even medium moobs, but they are noticeable and this helped me out a bunch. Thank you so much for your time.

  4. Just an addition to the hiding of one’s gyno. One thing I make sure to never run out of or skimp on is fabric softener. I know it sounds silly, but if your shirts have a lot of static electricity the clothing will bind itself to your chest. This was just an extra tip in hiding before losing!

    • Hi David, yes, a lot of these compression vests work for the entire torso. With this one for example, here’s a comment left by a buyer:

      “I have love handles and was worried that it would not do much to hide them but I just tried it on and was relieved to see that it works great. I understand about working out eating blah blah but this was a quick fix for a wedding right on the end the winter.”

  5. I was an obese child and eventually lost a lot of weight. (went from 320 to 160) The thing that sucks about all that work is that I was too old by that point for my skin to shrink up by the time I finally lost the weight. So now I have extra skin. I had surgeries to remove much of the extra skin, but the chest area is one area I didn’t get the result I wanted, leaving the man boob look even after losing the weight. So, I guess my question is…do you think weight lifting would be enough to fill in the extra skin and get rid of the man boob look. Is incline dumbbell press really the silver bullet? (i’ve been using machines for a while…none of which seem to work upper chest…probably more middle/lower.) Thanks much.

    • Hi Ed. An excellent way to get rid of flappy skin is to fill it out with muscle. However, if you still have excess fat in the chest area, you also need to work on gradually getting rid of the excess chest fat if you want to lose the man boobs look. To get rid of excess chest fat, I suggest using the hormonal tactics I mention in the following article:

      The incline dumbbell press is an excellent exercise for targeting the upper pecs. You’d also get great results with dumbbell pullovers and the guillotine press.

      For great overall chest development, I recommend doing chest dips.

      I also recommend ditching those machines and switching to using only free weights, since free weights are known to stimulate muscle growth much better than machines.

  6. Im 6’2″ at 206lbs. I have some pretty big love handles and about a hand full of man boobs. Which one of these would be the best for me? I dont carry any fat anywhere else on my body.


  7. When I look in the mirror I see two options:
    1. Up and compress- makes my manboobs look like big peck muscles- especially in relation to my muscular body. Thus it is okay that they are not much flattened by this visual misdirection. So I am thinking of some sort of lifting bra that compresses slightly and then a compression vest over top. Thoughts?

    2. down and out and compress- would want to really press them down, my moobs are big. Yet I haven’t found a solution that can pull this off yet. So I hunch my shoulders, which kills my lower back. Thoughts?


    ps. I am a little over 6 feet tall, slim, athletic build, obviously moobs don’t fit this picture.

    • Hi Kumar. No, compression vests don’t reduce man boobs, they just mask them, so yo can be comfortable NOW while you work on losing your man boobs so you can be man boob-free in the future.

  8. Hi there I was just wondering what would be best to hide man boobs and bigger stomach under a t-shirt don’t mind so much about comfort as long as my man boobs are hidden it’s just for when I go out with friends I am in the process of loosing weight however it would be nice to hide it until I can loose it


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