5 Steps To Looking Leaner In A Week

So previously I wrote an article about how you can look better in less than a day.

Today I want to tell you how to change things up if you've got a special event coming up around 7 days from now.

1. Wear a compression shirt

Though the steps below will help you lean down fast, you're not going to transform yourself from an E. Honda to a Ryu in 7 days.

A compression shirt is a MUST if you want to drastically change your look in 7 days or sooner, and since shipping can take a few days, you best order one right away.

The best compression shirt is one that has a good balance between compression and comfort:

  • Too much compression, and you won't be able to wear it for longer than a few minutes, let alone the entire duration of a family get-together, or Christmas party.
  • Too much comfort, and there won't be enough compression to hide your man boobs.

Here's one with a great balance between the two:


2. Fast intermittently

Few methods will shrink your frame down faster than an intermittent fast.

You can check out how to fast intermittently in the following article:


For better and faster results, and a more step-by-step method, pick up a copy of my book, Untold Secrets Of Intermittent Fasting, here:


I suggest you start your first fast today.

Start off by fasting for as long as you can, shooting for a minimum of 12 hours, though 16 hours would be better (read the above article or my book for guidance on how to make this super easy).

Then fast every other day until the big event.

As you get used to fasting intermittently, your stomach will shrink and you'll be better able to handle longer fasts. Try to stretch those fasts to as long as 24 hours.

Try to time it so your final fast ends during the meal-time of that special event. So if that special event you want to lean down for is a Christmas dinner, then time your fast so you break your fast when dinner is served on Christmas day.

3. Eat Low Carb

The latest studies are confirming that a low carb diet is far better than a low fat diet in helping you to reduce body fat.

One thing that makes a low carb diet particularly effective at shrinking your frame down FAST, is not only does it help you reduce body fat, it also helps you to shed water weight.

See, carbohydrates make you hold more water in your body. Ever notice when you eat lots of potatoes or rice, how you feel really thirsty afterwards?

That's because carbohydrates draw water into the tissues, your body sucks up all that water you drink, and it holds it in your tissues, making you look all bloated.

So by both burning fat and shedding water weight, a low carb diet has a double-whammy effect on helping you to lean down FAST.

I go into detail on advanced low carb dieting techniques for losing man boobs in my program, How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally:


For a more basic understanding, you can check out my free low carb articles here:


The basic premise here is that you eat mostly meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds, plus veggies. Avoid starchy veggies like potatoes, avoid sugar, avoid grains, the likes of rice, bread, cakes, pasta, cookies, etc.

You'll find some delicious ideas for low carb foods in my program above, and also in my book, 5 Grain Substitute Recipes For Losing Man Boobs:


4. Do HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is by far the most effective form of exercise for reducing body fat FAST.

An added benefit to doing HIIT is that it boosts testosterone, which will help to make sure your chest shrinks down at the same rate as other parts of your body, like your belly and love handles.

A basic form of HIIT is to sprint as fast as you can for 25 seconds, then rest for 2 minutes, then sprint again. Do this for 3-4 sprints, and you've got a 10 minute workout that'll boost your metabolism for as long as 24 hours, so you're burning fat all day long.

For more advanced HIIT strategies that will both shrink your frame and blast away your man boobs, check out Paleolithic HIIT here:


If you've already got Paleolithic HIIT, feel free to skip Phase 1 if you're in a rush to get lean. However, after that special event, I recommend you go back and complete Phase 1, for better long-term results.

Do HIIT every other day, being sure to time it so that your final HIIT session is on the day of that special event.

5. Do whole Body Weight Training

Adding some muscle in the right areas can give you a huge boost in your appearance.

Lift weights in the hypertrophy range, where you lift a heavy enough weight to be able to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions, with a 1 minute rest interval between sets.

Since your legs house by far the biggest muscles in your body, training your legs will help with whole body fat reduction and whole body muscle growth. It will also boost testosterone levels, helping to shrink down those man boobs.

Do a good compound exercise for the chest, like dips, the guillotine press, or weighted push-ups.

Good compound exercises for the back include pull-downs, the bent over barbell row, seated pulley rows, pull-ups and chin-ups.

Also do a good shoulder exercise, like the shoulder press, or the gironda lateral raise.

For advanced weight training tactics for putting on muscle, burning fat, and losing man boobs, check out the Chest Sculpting Blueprint here:


Again, train every other day, and on days you are not doing HIIT.

On the day of that special event, do a HIIT workout, then do an upper body weight training session, where you don't train the legs, since you've already trained your legs with the HIIT workout.

Doing both HIIT and weight training for your legs in the same workout will result in too much fatigue, and you won't be feeling your best for that special event.

So there you have it.

5 Powerful methods for leaning up in just 7 days.

I also advise you go check out my article on 6 steps for looking leaner in less than a day:


There are some helpful details in that article that will help you with the 5 methods above. You'll also find other methods there that you can start using from a day before that special event.

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