The 4 Best Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally

Boost Testosterone Naturally

One of the first things your doctor will do if you tell him you have man boobs, is check your testosterone levels. If your testosterone levels are low, he might offer testosterone replacement therapy to help make your man boobs go away.

But studies show that you can boost your testosterone levels significantly using natural methods. These natural methods are far safer and can even be better at getting rid of man boobs than the medical approach.

Just on the side though, that's not to say you shouldn't see your doctor. If you have man boobs, then the first thing you should do is see your doctor.

If you have been taking action from my programs or articles on losing man boobs, then you'll already be well on your way to boosting your testosterone levels. This is because whole-body weight training, high intensity interval training, low carb dieting, and limiting estrogen exposure, all help to boost testosterone levels.

But there's more you can do to help boost your testosterone levels even further, and this extra boost can make that difference between not seeing results, and being able to finally take your shirt off at the beach this summer.

With that said, lets get started on your road to high testosterone and a flat chest.

The 4 Best Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally

There are countless different methods you can use to boost testosterone naturally. Testosterone is so valuable to us men, that there have been hundreds of different scientific studies into what kind of foods, activities, lifestyles, etc., impact testosterone.

But there is no single best testosterone booster for men, because different methods work better for different people, and it can depend a lot on your circumstances. If you are sleep-deprived and live a stressful life, then improving sleep and reducing stress will elevate your testosterone levels a lot.

As I mention below, good sleep is a very important factor for boosting testosterone, but if you are already sleeping well 8 hours a day, then you need to look to other methods to help boost your testosterone further.

From all the research I've done, here are some of the most important and potentially most powerful ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels.

1. Lose Weight

Lose Weight To Boost Testosterone

If you are overweight, you can potentially double your testosterone, just by losing weight.

One study found that a group of severely obese men had an average testosterone level of 223 ng/dl, vs a control group of normal weight men, whose testosterone averaged 599 ng/dl.

So the obese men had less than half the testosterone of the non-obese men!

Testosterone that low can easily lead to classic testosterone symptoms like man boobs, low libido, loss of morning erections, lack of sexual desire, and fatigue.

One of the reasons being overweight results in low testosterone, is that fat cells store the enzyme aromatase. Aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen. The more fat you have, the more aromatase you have, giving you both lower testosterone levels and higher estrogen levels.

If you are overweight, then lowering your body fat levels is probably the single most powerful way to permanently boost your testosterone levels.

To look at the magnitude of testosterone boosts you can get when you lose weight, let's take a look at this 1988 study of 11 obese men, who lost between 57 and 283 pounds. When these guys lost weight, their total testosterone levels went from an average of 240 ng/dl to 377 ng/dl – a massive 57% increase!

Free testosterone levels, by the way, are a much more important measure than total testosterone. This is because most of the testosterone in your body is inactivated because it is bound to a protein called “sex hormone binding globulin” (SHBG). Free testosterone measures the active testosterone that is not bound to SHBG.

It's a lot more difficult to boost free testosterone levels than it is to boost total testosterone levels, because normally, when you boost your testosterone levels, your body increases production of SHBG too.

In the above 1988 study, free testosterone levels went from an average of 9.5 pmol/L when the men were obese, to 13.4 pmol/L after they lost weight. That's a massive 41% increase in free testosterone!

The best way to lose weight, is to go on a low carb diet, fast intermittently, and to do whole-body weight training and HIIT.

2. Sleep More & Sleep Better

Sleep To Boost Testosterone

Sleep is especially important. The reason most young men get morning wood, is because your body produces most of its testosterone while you sleep.

One 2007 study found that total sleep time was directly correlated to how much morning testosterone you have. The longer you sleep, the greater your testosterone levels:

Sleep Vs. Testosterone
Plamen D. Penev, Association Between Sleep and Morning Testosterone Levels In Older Men. Sleep. 2007;30:427-432.

Lack of sleep can kill your testosterone levels. One 2008 study of ten healthy, non-smoking, slim men in their twenties, showed that fragmented sleep led to ZERO night time testosterone increases. During normal sleep these same ten young men had average night time testosterone boosts of 20 to 30% or more.

From the science, it's unclear whether duration of sleep or quality of sleep is more important. Where some studies say that duration of sleep is more important (like the 2007 study above), others say that quality of sleep is more important (like the 2008 study above). But let's use some common sense here, you'll get the best testosterone boost if you improve both your duration and quality of sleep.

Studies also show that it works the other way round too. Low testosterone levels give you poor sleep. That's good news, because it means everything else we do to boost testosterone, will help us sleep better, which in turn will help boost testosterone further.

Here's a tip: LOSE WEIGHT! Losing weight not only boosts testosterone directly as mentioned in method #1 above, it also helps you sleep better by improving breathing and oxygen supply while sleeping.

Interesting note: Classic bodybuilders of the pre-steroid era, the likes of Steve Reeves, were known to sleep 9 hours a day to maximize natural testosterone production.

3. Have More Real Sex

How Sex Affects Testosterone

We know that testosterone boosts a man's libido, but does it work the other way round? Could it be that having more sex can boost testosterone levels? Tell me this is so!

Well, a study back in the 1990's suggests it is. The study looked at four couples on days that they did and did not have sex. Testosterone levels were found to increase on intercourse nights after sex, and did not increase on nights without intercourse. The study suggested it was sex that caused high testosterone, and not high testosterone that resulted in sex.

Now, if that isn't the best way to fix low testosterone, I don't know what is. I recommend you use this method multiple times every day ;)

Other studies suggest that just the anticipation of sex leads to increased testosterone levels. And looking at it the other way round, studies also show that lack of sex leads to lower testosterone levels.

How Does Masturbation Affect Testosterone?

There are very few studies that compare the effects of masturbation with actual sexual intercourse with a woman. One which does, found that prolactin increases by 400% more after actual intercourse, than it does after masturbation. This shows that there is more physiological and psychological benefits associated with real sex than with masturbation. And here's another study that suggests testosterone increases before and after sex, but is not affected by masturbation.

Generally from what I've found, studies on actual coitus have found that testosterone increases after sex. Studies on masturbation to porn on the other hand (no pun intended), suggest that testosterone does not increase after masturbation.

have seen one study that suggests testosterone increases after masturbation, but the general consensus is that masturbation does not increase testosterone.

Also, if you masturbate frequently to internet porn, this video will give you an important reason why you should stop! In the video, internet porn expert, Gary Wilson, shows evidence of how addiction-related physical changes in the brain, can lead to a form of erectile dysfunction that can't be remedied by viagra. That's not to say all forms of porn and masturbation are bad, but masturbation to internet porn is.

As Gary Wilson explains in the above video, the “unending novelty” you get from unlimited internet porn videos, leads to physical changes in your brain, which can kill your desire for sex, and even your ability to get an erection.

According to Dr. Carlo Foresta, head of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine…

“It starts with lower reactions to porn sites. Then there is a general drop in libido, and in the end it becomes impossible to get an erection.”

To me, what's REALLY bad about all this, is not that one day you might get erectile dysfunction, but the fact that the more you watch internet porn, the more your mind becomes desensitized to sex (due to real, physical changes to your brain). So then, when you have REAL sex with a real woman, you won't find it nearly as enjoyable. And it gets worse as time goes by and your brain is cumulatively damaged by more and more internet porn.

Is it really worth ruining the most enjoyable experience on earth with a FAKE version of that experience?

If you are addicted to internet porn, make like a convert to a new religion who gives up alcohol, or a father who is told his smoking habit will kill him, and kick that habit for good.

Is Too Much Ejaculation Bad For You?

In a 2003 study in China, 28 men abstained from ejaculation for one week. The researchers found that abstaining from ejaculation for 6 days had no impact on serum testosterone levels. On the seventh day, testosterone levels peaked to a huge 145.7% of baseline, and then declined rapidly on the eighth day.

The research generally suggests that ejaculation does not lower testosterone levels immediately after ejaculating. However, a lot of men do complain about low energy and suffering from other symptoms of low testosterone if they ejaculate too frequently.

This could be because frequent ejaculation leads to reduced testosterone levels in the long-run (no scientific evidence here, just speculating), likely due to reduced zinc levels (about 5 mg of zinc, a third of your body's RDA, is lost during ejaculation). At the same time, as the above study suggests, abstaining from ejaculation for 7 days leads to a massive boost in testosterone on the 7th day; by ejaculating too frequently, you miss out on this testosterone boost.

Note that when I say abstaining from ejaculation, I don't mean abstaining from sex or masturbation. You can have sex and masturbate without ejaculating. In fact, I read a book once that shows you how to have sex for hours on end, and enjoy dry whole-body orgasms, without ejaculating.

So the take-home message here is this: have sex as frequently as possible, but only ejaculate once every 7 days for those big testosterone boosts. If you don't have a partner, masturbation is allowed (though unhelpful), but not to internet porn – get a physical playboy magazine, or better yet, use your imagination.

4. Compete In Something

Competition Boosts Testosterone

You can benefit from testosterone boosts of 20-30% and more, simply by developing a competitive mindset.

Though testosterone is produced down below in the testes, your brain ultimately decides how much testosterone your testes will produce.

It starts with the hypothalamus in the brain, which secretes gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). GnRH signals the pituitary gland in your brain to secrete luteinizing hormone (LH), which goes to the testes and stimulates testosterone production.

When the brain thinks you need more testosterone (e.g. in anticipation of sex), it releases more GnRH, and more LH, and hence you get more testosterone.

One thing your brain sees as a cue for stimulating testosterone production, is competition.

Research has found that both a winning attitude and winning itself, result in increased testosterone levels. Losing attitudes and losing on the other hand, result in decreased testosterone levels.

In the face of competition, testosterone rises in two phases:

  1. It rises in the face of a challenge – in anticipation of competition (just like it rises in anticipation of sex).
  2. After competition, it rises in winners and declines in losers.

Just like in anticipation of sex, anticipation of a competitive event will lead to increased testosterone levels.

This event doesn't have to be physically demanding, studies show it could just be a game of chess.

The key attribute here for enhancing testosterone release signaling from your brain, is not something physically demanding like wrestling, but rather the act of competing, especially when you compete and go on to win.

When it comes to losing man boobs, reducing body fat, growing muscle, and enhancing your general health and wellbeing, there's little point in competitive testosterone boosts when you're only going to be competing once every 6 months. Rather, why not work competition into your every day life? Next time you train with your gym buddy, see who can best their 1-rep max by the highest percentage. The loser pays for lunch.

But any old competition won't do…

The studies suggest that for the winner to experience increased testosterone levels, the following have to be present:

  1. Mood elevation – the winner has to feel good about winning
  2. The win must matter to the winner
  3. The winner must feel that he has played a role in the victory

That last part means that cheating is out – you have to win fair and square if you want to experience that extra testosterone boost you get from winning. Though if the competition is rigged in your favor, and you don't know about it, then you'll still experience the same winning testosterone boost you would if it wasn't rigged.

How Quickly Can You Expect To See Results?

When you get started on your journey to boost testosterone naturally, please don't expect to see results overnight. It generally takes at least a month before you can feel any change in your baseline testosterone levels. Remember: tissues, receptors and neurotransmitters take time to rebuild.

The good news however, is all of the above is stuff that makes you feel better. We all feel better when we lose weight, sleep well, have lots of sex, and compete with a winning attitude. So rather than use these methods to try and force your man boobs to flatten out in a few short days, why not implement them into your lifestyle as part of a self-improvement program? Your life will get better, and your chest will flatten out over time.

The 4 methods above can boost your testosterone by anywhere from 25-50% or higher. But remember, this is only if you are having problems in any of these areas. If you already have a good weight, are sleeping well, having regular sex, and competing all the time, and your testosterone levels still need a little boost, then you'd do better to look elsewhere.

There are endless other methods you can use to boost testosterone naturally. There are certain foods for example, that can totally kill testosterone levels, and others that boost testosterone. There are also many other environmental factors that influence your testosterone levels – lifestyle factors, exercise, and exposure to chemicals.

When it comes to boosting testosterone to get rid of man boobs, the problem is most people don't have one specific problem (e.g. lack of sleep) that they can fix to get rid of their low-testosterone related problems. They need to use a multi-faceted testosterone boosting approach. Testosterone expert, Carlos Moreno, reveals these secrets here:

Click here to discover how testosterone expert Carlos Moreno boosted his testosterone and lost his man boobs

17 thoughts on “The 4 Best Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally”

  1. Great article. The part on Internet porn was spot on. It’s disheartening to see the male race succumbing to the perils of porn and masturbation. No wonder a lot of men are desensitized to actual sex, and many just want to do all kinds of perverted experiments with women to “get off.”

    • Too right Sonia. If it wasn’t for internet porn, I’m willing to bet more men would go out there and learn to talk to and get to know real women.

    • I think the opposite, if it weren’t for Internet porn, we would see a lot more infidelity.

      Unfortunately my Wife has a much lower sex drive than me, so I masturbste daily (taking a day off before sex).

      I am 32 years old, 200lbs, I’ve slept about 4-6 hours per day (night shift) for the past 3 years, etc. I still have morning wood, have never had an issue once getting an erection. If I didn’t masturbate, I would be chasing women all over the place. I just go crazy. Not to say that I need porn every time, but it definitely helps. Everyone just gets paranoid aboit everything now. A friend directed me here after a discussion we had about porn, I just simply disagree. Who knows where these studies got their test subjects from, most of these studies are BS.

      I think the no fap community is feeling better because they want to do what we are meant to do when they don’t masturbate, chase women and procreate. When I don’t masturbate, I no longer have the urge to flirt or pursue.

  2. I shared this article with a freind who is thinking of getting in to bodybuilding. He asked what if he was looking at the same porn vidoe over and over again rather than finding a new one and he was maturbating every 8th or 7th day. Would that still be a problem?

    • Damn, the last thing I wanted was for the focus of this article to be on porn and masturbation. But heck, I’ll answer your question anyway. The danger is in the unlimited novelty in all the different porn vids available online. It’s also bad for your testosterone levels to ejaculate too frequently. So watching the same video and doing it only every 8th or 7th day is technically OK.

      But tell your friend to get a girlfriend, the real thing is way better.

    • I’m speculating here, but I’d still advise against even the same video as an aid. My suspicion is that a lot of the problems with porn are associations. Any porn, but especially video, will wire the connections in the brain from visual stimulus and hedonism to orgasm. I suspect it would be much healthier to have the connections more focused on physical and emotional stimuli, more akin to what’s encountered in the 2-player game.

  3. Tribulus terrestris is the way to go for natural testosterone boost. Tribulus elevates luteinizing hormone, which turns into testosterone. Not only can this thorny plant help you put on some sizeable muscle mass, it may even boost your performance in the bedroom.

  4. Great article. I’ve researched this topic for the last couple of weeks. Likely read over 15 hours of articles and testimonials.

    I won’t go in to my story but I will say that after only 6 days (today) of abstaining from the unproductive habit, I genuinely feel better for it. I’m talking more clearly and and to the point; I’m looking at women and thinking “I want to talk to you” rather than just lusting; I’m feeling happier and much more energised; I’m working out daily and looking forward to it – where as before it wasn’t always the case. There’s likely other positives that’s come from it but, all in all I feel a lot better. Previously, from the age of fifteen to 30 I likely wouldn’t have gone more than 3 days without masturbating, so whether this is a placebo effect (unlikely) after all my research or no faping as they say, genuinely does wonders for the males testosterone levels and wellbeing.

    However, I am curious to see what I will feel like on day 7/8 as if I am to crash back to base line, I’m assuming I will not feel as good as I do now.

    Don’t waste your energy masturbating alone guys and girls. Save all that sexual energy and build up for the real thing. Our creator must has given us this choice, I belive. We are rewarded for self control and good habits!

  5. Man I’ve been jerking off for 12 years now without any stable partner. I exercise regularly and all i can say is I’ve same erections as i had 10 years ago. These studies and theories are almost bull confined to few hundred people.

  6. Ive suspected that I have addiction genes coded somewhere in my brain. I’m 18 and part of this age of internet porn, and i swear i can feel the reward centres firing in my brain when i game as well (mostly LoL).
    Your link has given me a concrete evidence for this suspiscion ive have for ages. Will try my best to discipline myself. Just want to say thanks.
    Back on to bodybuilding, do you guys have an article on the science behind compound lifts and testosterone? Would be interested to read the benefits of deadlift every session.

  7. I wanted to share something here that I hope will help some people that are addicted to internet porn.. I am 34 ( nearly 35) and had been using porn to masturbate since I found my father’s videos back when I was 12. I had been masturbating ( sometimes several times a week , sometimes just occasionally until these last few years where I was masturbating to porn routinely 2-4 times a week) – so that’s about 22 years…. I began to have erection problems this last year- getting and sustaining,until I did the following…..

    Counselling, a gym programme ( I mean really learning the moves including deadlifts, squats etc etc not just fannying around ) and finally complete abstaining from pornography. Instead whenever I feel like masturbating when I can’t have sex, I masturbate with no artificial stimulation. I do it in the bathroom where there are no screens and I just have to use my imagination. I’ll admit this is sometimes more difficult to begin as I have to shake it around a little or just be really patient but this way I do not hurry , prematurely ejaculate , feel anxious or feel dirty . It feels much more like sex – arousal, plateau, release and I’m not just saying this it really does pop out instead of dribble like it used to when i used porn. This is not easy for me sometimes as I’m really tempted when I’m horny but you just have to ask yourself , do you want instant gratification or do you want a good sex life because this is teaching me to be patient with myself and my partner again. I’m lasting longer in bed because I really, really want to have sex instead of pretending to have had sex with a pornstar purely in my head. This only took a few months and admittedly I took 2 tablets of viagra to get me going again, but now I know I’m working and it’s worth it to feel like I’m working again. The main thing is how your head is feeling – you have to re-learn and re-teach your brain that sex is not an anxious, furious, hurried release. It’s more complex and definitely more gentle than a porno – at least to begin with.

  8. So i have 2 questions,,
    masturbating often results in low T levels ? Or there’s no science history about that ? Is it better to masturbate but not ejaculate to have a higher T lvl ? I’m asking this because I’m having man boobs,,

    • Don’t masturbate to internet porn. Masturbation itself hasn’t been found to be bad, but ejaculating too frequently is likely to be bad. So masturbate, but don’t ejaculate more than once (maybe twice) a week. Better to have real sex with a woman than to masturbate. Masturbation alone won’t give you higher T, but real sex will.

      Hope that clarifies.

    • Were you taking testosterone supplements? How old are you? Man boobs are a sure sign you estrogen is high… but reason: could be a variety of causes

  9. Masterbating to porn affects the perception of the act? I can see that masterbating may burn off adrenaline thus affecting ability to access testosterone even though testosterone levels are unaffected. Researching the T levels isn’t an easy task, plus multiple test would need to be done. Thus I haven’t heard of a quik way to check testosterone yet, that’s probably another obstacle.. really guys want to know is does it affect your anabolic levels and I haven’t found any thing suggesting that it does lower anabolic levels. But stating the obvious you do loose sone protein and zinc and burn off adrenaline. Short term: this can affect your motivation, however men usually lack in zinc and selenium intake.. this helps to levels along with proper protein intake and exercise and rest which is another thing men struggle with.


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